In every business, there come moments of supreme satisfaction. Moments when you know you did everything right – and no one could have done it better. At DANAC Realty Advisors, those moments come when our clients are so satisfied with the quality of our work that they actually take time out of their busy schedules to let us know. Receiving these expressions is incomparably gratifying, one of the few experiences that can make you proud and humble at the same time. And we will never stop working our hardest to earn them.

“Tim Jaeger and Todd Bosley represented CLS America, Inc., to purchase office space in a market that only offered space for lease. Their creativity and knowledge of the market led to a unique condo conversion, where we currently own our local headquarters.”

Chris Adomanis, Chief Financial Officer - CLS America, Inc.

“Todd could have easily been wearing my company’s logo on his shirt for the vesting that he undertook to make sure the experience and space matched all of our needs and budget concerns. As Todd educated us as an advocate, he was extremely patient as our needs evolved. He was thorough and detailed, and was well-liked by the various counterparts who worked for the Landlord’s interest. This seemed to make the negotiations much easier. I have used Todd for three properties that I currently have under lease, and will gladly continue to use him for our future property needs. Competent, patient, secure.”

Sean Welch, Principal - H&B Products, Inc.

“In over 50 years as a lawyer, I have worked daily with numerous realty advisors in connection with renting and/or buying commercial office space. Tim Jaeger is the best. Always available, always informed and always trustworthy.”

Kevin J. McCarthy, Attorney At Law - McCarthy & Winkelman, L.L.P.

“Tim Jaeger and Todd Bosley have done an excellent job keeping our asset leased. One of our main tenants recently gave back a large block of office space at a time when the overall market was over 25% vacant. Using a creative leasing strategy, Tim and Todd backfilled the entire space with a high-credit tenant prior to the existing tenant giving back their space.”

Michael Snyder, Vice President - Persimmon Capital Partners